Dora The Explorer – Animalito Adventure!

Dora The Explorer – Animalito Adventure!

This brand new show produced by Pen 2 Stage is currently being performed in the Philipines. The master soundtrack edited and mastered here at Studio Proof includes a brand new original track written by Alan Jenner and Mark Watson with all of the music arranged and produced by Mark.

Blinky Bill arrives at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, soundtrack created @ Studio Proof!

Blinky Bill #1

Hi Blinky Bill fans! Guess who has arrived at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary! Blinky and his friends are appearing daily in two shows and you also have an opportunity to meet with Blinky and have your photo taken with him and his friends.

This fantastic show was written by Paul Guerin, with all songs co-written by Paul and Mark Watson. The music was composed by Mark and recorded and produced at Studio Proof! The character voices were from the incredible voice over talents of Chris Guerin (Blinky Bill), Georgina Gillings (Nutsy) Cat (Mark Watson) and Tony and Richie the kookaburras (The one and only Danny McMaster)

Kanga Karate Kids now on iTunes

Kanga Karate Kids

Kanga Karate Kids is an album full of inspiration for young kids. Click here to listen at iTunes.

Written and produced at Studio Proof featuring the voice talents of Georgie Gillings, Justin Tamblyn and Anastasia Watson, the songs are about fitness, healthy living, self-esteem and ethically strong social skills.

Kanga Karate is based on a traditional Japanese style of karate called Goju. It is completely non contact and a great way to keep your child active and focused.

More information here