Original music for TV and radio advertising.

Why is a Studio Proof jingle important for your ad campaign?

It happens to every listener. At some point in time, prospective customers hears that jingle on the radio or television that sticks in their head for days. They go to sleep at night and it’s there. They wake up in the morning — still there. Sometimes several days pass before you ever get rid of the song and sometimes it takes hearing another song or jingle to do so. Jingles are important advertising tools that nearly every business needs, especially if advertising through mass media.

For nearly twenty years, Mark Watson and his team of talented voice over artists, professional session singers and musicians have been writing and producing jingles for national and international brand names such as Palmolive, Golden Casket and Coca Cola!

Listen to this Studio Proof Jingle montage.


Jingles have been an integral tool within the world of sales before the term, “marketing”, was even born. It’s been said that familiarity breeds contempt, but in todays diverse market, familiarity helps to stimulate potential buyers to choose. And for potential buyers to chose your particular product, it is essential to be bought to their attention. This can be achieved with a well organised and produced jingle that is message specific to your business’s need’s. Talk to Mark and get your new jingle with the Studio Proof edge! Click here to contact Studio Proof now!