Kid’s Music

Mark has been writing and producing children’s music for over two decades and together with his team of singers, musicians and character voice artists, has created a plethora of original music along with arrangements of classic tunes recorded and produced for the Village Road Show Theme Park franchise. Warner Bros. Movie World, Sea World, Australian Outback Spectacular and Wet and Wild!

Hundreds of tracks and live show soundtracks have been created for the very successful international stage show production company, Pen2Stage for destinations such as Singapore, Dubai, Bangkok, Shanghai, Jakarta, Manilla, India and many more.

Many children albums have been produced as well, including Cartoon Network releases of The Powerpuff Girls, Kanga Karate Kids and Funshine and Friends.

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Blinky Bill fans! Guess who has arrived at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary! Blinky and his friends are appearing daily in two shows and you also have an opportunity to meet with Blinky and have your photo taken with him and his friends.

This fantastic show was written by Paul Guerin, with all songs co-written by Paul and Mark Watson. The music was composed by Mark and recorded and produced at Studio Proof! The character voices were from the incredible voice over talents of Chris Guerin (Blinky Bill), Georgina Gillings (Nutsy) Cat (Mark Watson) and Tony and Richie the kookaburras (The one and only Danny McMaster)