Your music deserves the best!

Studio Proof can produce your music to the international sound and quality it deserves.
Arranged, produced, mixed and mastered ready for iTunes and CD quality release – here with you in the studio or via the internet.

“much more than just a recording studio…….”

Musicians, singers, song writers and producers have been coming to Studio Proof since 1997 to realise their dream of creating great sounding music. With the uncanny ability of hearing what is inside your head, Mark Watson will give you back more than you thought possible with your musical ideas. From the art of emulation through to working with you on a fresh new concept, satisfaction is a priority.

If you’re a soloist, a lyricist, an instrumentalist, and you need the “rest” of the band or orchestra around your music, Mark can put it all together for you with an ear that doesn’t just hear, it listens……..intently.
Understanding you and your music is the most important step in the journey of creativity, technique and engineering.
And for the musos who need a fresh start with their promo, either for getting gigs around town, or getting noticed by that big label, Mark Watson has the experience and the knowledge how to put together a great sounding demo, designed to grab the attention of your intended market! Go to the CONTACT section to call or send an email to inquire for further information.