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I have known Mark for approximately 12 years now and I will continue working with him on all my Live Show soundtracks for many years to come.  Mark is able to see the ‘big picture’ for any given project and to me, this is a key ingredient to any soundtrack. I find nothing better than providing a brief and concept to mark and then sitting back watching him create my vision right there in front of me – what an amazing talent this is.  His musical skills are truly inspirational along with his vibrant personality that assists his creations to become a work of art.

Mark has the most sensitive musical-ear that only allows for superb harmonies and wonderful musical scores. If you require an individual who is not only a professional engineer but a creative musical-wiz, you will never look back on making a decision to turn to Mark Watson’s genius!  That being said, I hope not too many of you will decide to utilise his talents as I need him for my project! lol

Alan Jenner –  Pen2Stage Productions, Singapore Creative Director



“When creating the soundtrack for our new ski show “waterski wipeout” we naturally headed to Studio Proof and Mark Watson for assistance.  We had a history with Mark that was always positive and this occasion proved the same.  The soundtrack for the new show was bedded in the music of the 60’s but we needed an updated feel with a fuller sound, Mark was able to find exactly the right feel.  Thanks to Mark we have fantastic soundtrack that our audience truly enjoys.”

 Scott Whitehouse –  Show Production Supervisor Show and Entertainment Division Sea World



I have had the pleasure of using Studio Proof’s services on many occasions. This has included the arranging, producing and recording of original music, corporate jingles and live stage shows. Mark’s attention to detail, well trained ear and, of course, his shear talent has brought basic, raw ideas and concepts to life. This ability is no doubt enhanced by his personable nature and drive to see the completed project achieved on budget and in a workable time. If these are the fundamental qualities you are looking for in a studio, then I couldn’t recommend Studio Proof more highly.

Liam French MI/CK Product Manager Roland Corporation Australia



From the Canadian Executive Producer for “Children to Champions”, Rod McCormick. “We played “Children to Champions” at the Canada Cup. Was not going to because I wanted to unveil it only for the Olympic Trials but I could not resist it. It was fabulous, and was televised nationally. I love the song. Could listen to it everyday. It was fantastic in the big outdoor venue. Thanks Mark. You are a genius.

Rod McCormick – Executive Producer Commissioned an original score for the following:-

Canadian Diving Olympic Trials World Field Hockey Olympic Trials FINA Grand Prix Canada Cup Diving Championships.



On a daily bases, Mark Watson can be found in his Studio Proof production suite: Extruded superior sounds from a variety of musical instruments and electronic devices, flinging digital-bits through contemporary plug-ins at lightening speed and conducting words, melodies and passions into well orchestrated master-pieces. He has clearly demonstrated to us the highest level of audio engineering and sound separation, bringing into life many of our creative concepts as world class creations. We have used him for the past six years because he is the best in the business!

Christopher Lambe www.whammads.com (Owner/ Director)



“GoodWords has worked with Studio Proof on a number of very different projects. The great thing about working with Studio Proof is the highly skilled, professional yet easy-going service that is always delivered. Our original creative ideas are seized and further explored, while professional sound standards are always met in a collaborative, evolving and enjoyable atmosphere where only the best results transpire.

Stephen Cook, Partner GoodWords www.goodwords.com.au



Mark Watson and the team at Studio Proof have proven themselves to be one of the most creative, effective and malleable companies we have worked with. Their insight, dedication and willingness to go above and beyond has seen them become one of our most regular suppliers and we hope will remain so for many years to come.

Nicholas Cooper CEO/Creative Director VICTORYHILL ENTERTAINMENT www.vhe.com.au



I have been fortunate throughout my career to work with some amazingly talented people. Mark Watson is definitely one of them, he is a producer of International standard, that listens to what his clients are trying to achieve, and helps them achieve it. His experiences, extensive library of musical knowledge and passion is an integral part of what I call the Mark Watson recipe. Mark Watson is, and will always be known in the industry as ‘The Doctor’, because he helps bring your creations to life. “Rock on Mark, can’t wait to work with you again on the film ‘Garrison7 ”

www.gena8.com –  Scott Brewer



Mark Just want to send you a BIG thank you and congratulations. As I’m sure Alan has communicated the show has turned out to be very good indeed and this weekend the audiences were very decent and at times it really “goes off” . I was sitting in the audience listening closely to the arrangements last night and they are wonderful. Thanks again and I hope we can do another project together in the near future

Nick Larkin MEI Worldwide www.mei-worldwide.com

MEI- putting smiles on people’s faces across the world



Mark Watson has the unique ability to reach inside your head and hear what goes on in your brain what more can I say.  I read a book that said ” Music is something that you can not touch or see yet it can affect people is so many different ways and know one knows where the melodies come from that magically pop into out head” I believe that Mark has a truly unique ability to capture these moments and make them shine like no other. Everything that you hear on the Attica projects is Mark and myself in his studio having a great time. I can not recommend Mark or his services enough.

Reece Specis Attica Music Management